Sunday, August 4, 2013

From bound to boundless!!
A quantum jump indeed!!!
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From the status of a 'JIVA' to transcend to the status of 'JIVANMUKTA' !!!!
How else one can call this!
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Obsessed by doing and and experiencing one transcends to 'UNDERSTANDING'!
This is the status to appreciate and understand the bigger picture!
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Gold ore has more than 90% non gold!
The ore has to be refined and refined to call the metal as GOLD!
Human evolution is very similar!
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kolam is an art practised,followed traditionally in South Indian Homes has great significance!
Traditionally rice flour is used with the idea of feeding the insects,small birds and the ants.
This is one of the pancha yagnAs suggested by shAstrA to be followed by human beings!
Swami Sarvabhutananda
भवानहम् विश्वात्मनेक एव ही कारणम्
bhavānaham viśvātmaneka eva hī kāraṇam
This is a quote from vishnu purAnam.
I the ATMA is the only cause for srishti,sthithi and layA.